Professor ZHU Shenlin
B.Sc., Tsinghua University, 1970
M.Sc., Tsinghua University, 1981
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Tsinghua University,   
Beijing 100084, China
  Tel: +86-10-62785524 Fax: +86-10-62770304

Research Area Publications

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Research Area:

Development of new technology and equipment for petrochemical industry and environmental engineering;

Production technology of clean fuels;

High performance packing for large scale packed extraction columns;

Separation process coupling and intensification.

Selected Publications

1   Cai Weibin ,S.L.Zhu,Piao and Xianglan. Extraction Equilibria of Formic and Acetic Acids from Aqueous Solution by phosphate Contained Extractants. Chem.Eng.Data, 46(6), 2001:1472-1475.

2   Piao Xianglan, Zhao huiyi and S.L.Zhu. Removing Cr(VI) from wastewater by reactive Extraction. Tsiinghua Science and Technology, 7(1),2002:56-59.

3    S.L.Zhu, Li Zhidong and Piao Xianglan ,Solvent Extraction of Sulfur Compounds from FCC gasoline. 151F, AICHE 2002 Spring Meeting, March 10-14,2002 new Orleans,Louisiana, USA.

4    Wei Haiguo, Fei Weiyang and S.L.Zhu, Single-Drop mass Transfer Coefficients in Multicomponent systems,Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China), 53(7), 2002: 665-666.

5    Wang Min, Wang Yujun, S.L.Zhu, Oreparation of Ultrafine Barium Sulfate Particle in W/O Microemulsion, Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China), 53(11), 2002: 216-218.

6.       G. S. Luo, Y. C. Lu, S. L. Zhu and Y. Y. Dai (2000). Recovery of dyestuffs from dilute solution with two-phase electrophoresis. Chinese J. Chem. Eng., 8(1): 80-84.

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