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SUN Haiying

Tel: 62794769

Email: shyqdpu@126.com

Current Postdoc

Christophe Rehmet

PhD, Mines ParisTech, France
Project: Modeling and simulation of thermal plasma processes
Email: christiphe.loubet31@gmail.com



PhD, Institue of Process Engineering, CAS
Project: Syngas to light olefins
Email: dangdan123@139.com


LI Yankun

PhD, Normal University of South-east China
Project: Catalytic conversion of acetylene to acrylic acid and butanedioic acid
Email: liyakun.kun@163.com


HU Ming
(PostDoc from industry., GUANGDA International Corp)

PhD, Chinese University of Science and Technology
Project: Plasma treatment of solid wastes



Yi Cheng
Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R.China
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