Dr. QIN WeiAssociate Professor

Postdoc., Dept. of Chem. Eng., The Ohio State University, USA, 1996~1998

PhD,  Dept. of Chem. Eng.,  Tsinghua University, 1992,

M. Sc. , Dept. of Chem. Eng.,  Tsinghua University,  1989

B. Sc. , Dept. of Chem. Eng., East China Institute of Chemical Engineering, 1986

Department Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University
Phone:+86-10-62773017 Fax:+86-10-662770304

Honors and Awards   Research interests  Publications  Chinese Version

Honors and Awards

Improvement of Science and Technology of Beijing (2000)

Achievement of Fundamental Research of Tsinghua University (1996)

Improvement of Science and Technology of National Education Committee (1995)

 Research interests

1.  Separation & purification of dilute organic solution

The reactive extraction behavior and mechanism is investigated for the wastewater treatment and separation of carboxylic acid. The rules of extractant used will be proposed for the product purification based on the removal of impurity.

2.  Waste water treatment for polar organic;

The solute in wastewater is extracted through the reactive extraction method, and the wastewater is satisfied with the national draining standard at solute concentration and COD value based on the result of extractants behavior in aqueous phase and rules of extractans and equipment used. We exploit new process to produce chemicals with high price by using the solute in wastewater.

3.  Intensification of separation process with physical field;

Effect of physical fields, e.g. ultrasound, magnetic and separation media, on the existed separation process is investigated. The potential properties and the rules of physical field used will be proposed based on characteristics of mass transfer area, mass transfer force and mass transfer coefficient in these fields.   

4.mass transfer properties 

The mass transfer characteristics in multi-solute system and short contact process are being studied for the new reactive extraction process, e. g. extractive fermentation and purification of bioproduct. The separation process can be intensified utilizing the kinetic properties to improve the separation ability. 

Current projects:

1.  Reactive extraction mechanism of carboxylic acid by chemical association;

2.  Manufacture technology of CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate )

3.  Waste water treatment for polar organic

Selected Publications

1.    ZHANG Ying, QIN Wei, DAI Youyuan, Separation of lactic acid and acetic acid with TOA based on chemical complexation, J of Chem. Ind. & Eng.( In Chinese), 2001522141-146

2.    QIN Wei, ZHANG Ying, LUO Xuehui, DAI Youyuan, Separation of oxalic acid and glyoxylic acid by Extraction, J of Chem. Ind. & Eng.( In Chinese), 2001522:135-140

3.    QIN Wei, LIU Guojun, YU Lixin, DAI Youyuan, Oxalic acid recovery in a TOA-based system, Journal of Tsinghua University (In Chinese), 2000,40 (10): 43~46

4.    QIN Wei; ZHAO Yinyan; DAI Youyuan, Application and development of calcium magnesium acetate, Modern Chemical Industry (In Chinese)2000209):61-63

5.    QIN Wei, DAI Youyuan, Extractive Fermentation Process of carboxylic acid, Modern Chemical Industry (In Chinese), 2000, 204):14-17

6.    W. Qin, S-T. Yang, Strategies for the extraction method in extractive fermentation process for carboxylic acid, ISEC-99, Spain, Barcelona, 1999,7-11-16

7.    QIN Wei; ZHENG Tao; YUAN Yonghui; DAI Youyuan, Improvement of leaching process of curcumin with ultrasound, Journal of Tsinghua University (In Chinese), 1998, 38(6), 46-48

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9.    QIN Wei; ZHANG Huiping; LI Yangxing; DAI Youyuan, Study of the characteristics in continuous annular extraction chromatography, Journal of Tsinghua University, 1997, 37(6):38-42