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Research Experiences

Research Assistant, Tsinghua University, 10/2004-present
Project: Water-borne Silylated Polyurethane Emulsions for Water-borne Adhesives
-- Synthesized novel silylated polyurethane via batch polymerization and prepared stable emulsions for adhesive by means of phase inversion.
-- Designed and certified complex emulsifier system in emulsion to protect silyl groups from reacting with water molecules.
-- Investigated viscosity, particle size, storage stability, mechanical stability and freeze-thaw durability of emulsions. Studied adhesive force, solvent resistances, stiffness, mechanical properties and thermodynamic properties of plated films.

Part-time Research Assistant, Tsinghua University, 10/2003-9/2004
Project: Functional Polymeric Micro-spheres with sulfonate groups
-- Prepared a series of latex micro-spheres via semi-continuous emulsion copolymerization of styrene and sodium styrene sulfonate.
-- Studied the average diameter, polydispersity, morphology and heat endurance of latex micro-spheres, as well as the effects of the recipe and polymerizing route on them.

Research Assistant, Tsinghua University, 11/2002-6/2003
Project: Composite Polyurethane-Acrylate (PUA) Emulsions for Coatings

-- Synthesized and characterized acrylate with urethane segment and polymerized it with other unsaturated monomers via emulsion copolymerization.
-- Synthesized pre-polymer of polyurethane and dispersed it in butyl acrylate. Polymerized the butyl acrylate by virtue of in-situ emulsion polymerization.
-- Investigated the particle potential, storage stability, freeze-thaw durability and minimum film-forming temperature of emulsions as well as the adhesive force, stiffness, solvents resistances and thermodynamic properties of plated films.