李勃天 Botian Li


Doctor's Candidate
Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Lab: +86-10-62773456

Education Background:

2003-2007   Tsinghua University  Department of Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Polymer Science

2007-2010   Tsinghua University  Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, Master Candidate of Polymer Science

2010-       Tsinghua University  Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, PhD. Candidate of Polymer Science


2008&2009  Guanghua Scholarship of Tsinghua University

Research Background:

2008-2009 Research on “Self-assembly of Block Copolymers Based on the Hydrogen Bonds Reorganization”.

Li B T, Tang L M, Qiu Y P, Wang Y. Uncommon Melt Rheological Behavior of Hyperbranched Polymers Bearing Quadruple Hydrogen Bonding Units. Acta. Polymerica. Sinica. 2009, 6:581-585.

2009.07  Administration Assistant in Harbin International Symposium on Chiral Compounds and Special Polymers (CCSP), Conference Paper “Fabrication of Polypyrrole Nanowires Using Metallogel as Template”

2009-2010  Research on “In-situ polymerization using coordinated organogel as template”.

Li B T, Tang L M, Chen K, Xia Y, Jin X. Coordinated organogel templated fabrication of silver/polypyrrole composite nanowires. Chinese Chemical Letters. In press.

Li B T, Tang L M, Qiang L, Chen K. Novel polymer nanowires with triple hydrogen-bonding sites fabricated by metallogel template polymerization and their adsorption of thymidine. Soft Matter. In press.

2010-  Research on “Self-colored Polymer emulsion”

Individual hobby:

Basketball, Table tennis, Guitar, Snooker, SanGuoSha, WarIII