邓伟 Wei Deng


Doctor's Candidate
Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Lab: +86-10-62773456


9/1998-7/2003, B.E. in Polymer Materials and Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University 8/2006-10/2007, M.S. Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University
10/2007-present, Dr. Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Work experience

8/2003-7/2006, Schoolteaching in Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology


1999-2000, “Friends of Tsinghua-Chen zhifu Couples” scholarship
2000-2001, Prize fellowship of Department of chemical engineering
2006-2007, Tsinghua University scholarship for outstanding comprehensive ability

2007-2008, Tsinghua University scholarship for outstanding comprehensive ability
2009-2010, “Friends of Tsinghua-HITACHI” scholarship

Research Experience

3/2003-7/2003, Preparation of nano-alumina/polystyrene composite particles
11/2003-10/2004, Application of Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)
3/2006-present, Investigation of hollow polymer latex particles and polymeric/inorganic composite microspheres


1.    Wei Deng , Manyi Wang , Guo Chen, Chengyou Kan. Morphological evolution of multistage polymer particles in the alkali post-treatment. European polymer journal, 2010, 46(6):1210-1215

2.    Wei Deng, Ronglong Li, Mengjun Zhang, Lixiang Gong, Chengyou Kan. Influences of MAA on the porous morphology of P(St-MAA) particles produced by batch surfactant-free emulsion polymerization and stepwise alkali/acid post-treatments. Journal of colloid and interface science, 2010, 349:122-126

3.    Deng wei, Wang jishuai, Wang manyi, Kan chengyou. Preparation of bowl-like polymer latex particles via multi-step emulsion polymerization and alkali post-treatment. Macromolecular symposia(accepted)

4.    邓伟,陈国,贾连昆,王满意,宫理想,阚成友. 制备方法对模板法SiO2中空微球形貌的影响. 化学学报,2010,68(19):2000-2006

5.    邓伟,陈国,王满意,吴溪,阚成友. pH值和前驱体用量对核壳结构PSt/SiO2复合微球结构形态的影响. 高分子学报(accepted)

6.    Deng Wei, Zhang Mengjun, Ji Wenjiao, Kan Chengyou. Preparation of soap-free porous P(St-MAA) latex particles. 2010 Beijing international bonding symposium, 2010.

7.    Deng Wei, Liu Yi, Liu Deshan, Kan Chengyou. The preparation of alkyd resin self-emulsion and studies of its properties. The 3rd China International Bonding and 2nd Asian Conference on Adhesion, October 30-November 02, 2007.

8.    陈国,邓伟,王满意,张庆武,阚成友. 种子表面改性法制备核壳结构PSt/SiO2复合微球. 高分子学报,2010, (6), 753-758

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10.  崔燕南,李榕龙,邓伟, 阚成友. 多孔聚合物微球研究进展 高分子材料科学与工程. 2008, 24(8):1-8

11.  Ji-shuai Wang, Yun-shen Chen, Wei Deng, Cheng-you Kan. Preparation of sulphonate-containing polymer particles via semi-continue emulsion copolymerization of styrene and sodium styrene sulphonate. Chinese journal of polymer science(accepted)

12.  Shiming HUANG, Deng WEI, DeshanLIU, Chengyou KAN. Soap-free emulsion Copoly -merization of Styrene and2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate. The 2nd Asian symposium on Emulsion Polymerization and Functional Polymeric Microspheres