陈云深 CHEN Yunshen  



M. Eng.  Dept. of Organic and Polymeric Materials, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Apr. 2007- Sep. 2009
M. Eng.  Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University Sep. 2006- Jul. 2009
B. Eng.  Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University Sep. 2002- Jul. 2006

Awards and Scholarship:

Graduate Research Assistant Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin  (2009)
Poster award of G-COE Young Researchers Workshop, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2008)
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Japan (2008)
Tsinghua University scholarship for outstanding comprehensive ability  (2007)
Tsinghua University scholarship for outstanding research ability   (2006)
First-class prize of Student Research Training (SRT) Project, Tsinghua Univ. (2006)
Second-class prize of 23rd ‘Challenge Cup’ Student Research Competition, Tsinghua Univ.  (2005) 
Tsinghua University scholarship for outstanding study ability  (2004)

Research Experience:

Study of sulphonate-containing functional polymeric microspheres
Supervised by Prof. Chengyou Kan, Tsinghua University, Sep. 2005-Jun. 2009
Radical polymerization of host-guest complexes of methacrylate monomers and cyclodextrin (CD) derivatives
Supervised by Associate Prof. Reiko Saito, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Mar. 2008-Feb. 2009
Crosslinked phase change thermal energy storage materials
Supervised by Associate Prof. Rui Yang, Tsinghua University, Sep. 2004-Sep. 2005


[7]   Chen Y S, Wang J S, Hou Z S, Kan C Y. Preparation of polymeric microspheres   with high content of sulphonate groups. Chinese Chemical Letter, accepted

[6]   Chen Y S, Wang J S, Hou Z S, Kan C Y. Preparation of sulphonate-containing polymeric latex with high density of sulphonate groups. China Synthetic Rubber Industry, 2009, 32(5), in press

[5]   Chen Y S, Wang J S, Hou Z S, Kan C Y. Synthesis of sulphonate-containing polymeric microspheres via dispersion-emulsion combined polymerization. Proceedings of 13th International IUPAC Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC 09). Montreal Canada; July 5-9, 2009. S5-8

[4]   Hou Z S, Xu J, Chen Y S, Tan Y B, Kan C Y. Synthesis and characterization of pseudorotaxanes with terminal alkenyl group-supramolecular self-assemblies of cucurbit[6]uril and alkenyl-terminated viologen. Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2008, 28(11), 1937-1942

[3]   Chen Y S, Huang S M, Du Y, Kan C Y. The preparation of P(St-NaSS) copolymer microsphere, Preprints (2007 Beijing International Bonding Technology Symposium & 2nd Asian Conference on Adhesion), 2007, O32, 1-3

[2]   Chen Y S, Kan C Y, Du Y, Huang S M. Study on sulphonate-containing functional latex particles. Polymer Preprints (American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry), 2006, 47(2): 630-631

[1]   Chen Y S, Chen K, Shen B J, Jiang F, Yang R, Zhang Y P. Preparation of crosslinked shape-stabilized phase change materials. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2006, 23(3), 67-70.

Personal Features:

Salsa dancing
Member of the basketball team, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University