Institute of Polymer Science & Engineering
  Department of Chemical Engineering
  Tsinghua University
  Dynamic Light Scattering Zetasizer  
  Zetasizer 3000HS,Marlven, UK.
Size measurement: 2nm~3000nm。
Zeta Potential measurement
  Dynamic Contact Angle Meter and Tensiometer (DCAT21)  
  1. High-Precision electrodynamically compensated weighing system with automatic calibrating function.
2. Software-controlled motorized height positioning of the temperature controlled sample vessel with variable speed.
3. Integrated measuring and control electronics with digital thermometer
4. Graphical display for weighing data, temperature and other measuring statuses.
5. Temperature controlled unit with build-in PT100 probe and magnetic stirrer for the sample vessel.
6. Contact angle of powders, fibers and fiber bundles and the adsorption behavior of liquids on wettable materials according to the modified Washburn method.
7. Dynamic contact angle and the surface energy of prismatic and cylindrical samples according to the Du Nouy ring method or the Wilhelmy method.
8. Static surface and interfacial tension of liquids according to the Wilhelmy method.
9. Critical micelle formation concentration of surfactants CMC with the Wilhelmy plate method or the Du Nouy ring with automatic ring correction according to Huh & Mason, Zuidema & Waters and Harkins & Jordan.
10. Fully automated reproducibility measurements.
  Minimum Film Forming Temperature Analysiser  
Measurement Range: -5℃~90℃
Minimum Scale: 0.1℃
  Program Constant Temperature and Humidity Mould Incubator  
  Blue Pard, MJ-2  
  Refrigerated Centrifuge GL-20G-Ⅱ  
  Maximum Rotational Speed: 20000rpm
Working Temperature: -5℃~30℃
  Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter  
  US Sonics Vibracell, 100w, 20KHz
Probe: Φ3mm / Φ13mm
Working mode: Impulsing / Continuous
Vibration: 0~100μm
  Digital Display Rotation Viscosimeter  
  Shanghai, NDJ-8S
Measurement range: 100~2,000,000mPaS
  Refrigerated Shaker  
  TaiCang City, HZ-9210K, 0-50℃, 300rpm  
  Freeze Dryer  
  Beijing, FD-1-50, -50℃, <20Pa  
  UV-VIS Spectrophotometer  
  Beijing, T6,190~1100nm