Dr. GUO, Zhigang,  Associate Professor
Ph.D:Ehime University(Sciences of Biological resources production)
Master degree:Kagawa University(Plant enginery exploration)
Bachelor degree:Shenyang Agriculture University(Sciences of horticulture)
Institute of Biochemical Engineering
Tsinghua University,   Beijing 100084, China 
Tel: +86-10-62785603 Fax: +86-10-62770304
Email: guozhig@tsinghua.edu.cn

Basic Situation Research Interests


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Basic Situation

Plant is the necessary material basis for human-beings, it is also the production source of oxygen for all sorts of life activities. Plant not only unceasingly provides human development with food resources, but also supplies necessary medicine, make-up, natural flavor, natural pigment, energy sources, all sorts of production and living materials such as timbering. Therefore, loving, protecting as well as investigating plant are my long cherish wishes. After start working, I carried out research on cropping, plant growth control, propagation, plant cell culture, secondary metabolic production, metabolic regulation of secondary metabolites as well as expression regulation of secondary metabolite related genes. Breakthrough was achieved in cell culture of medicinal plants and regulation of secondary metabolites. Certain techniques have been applied to enterprises for industrial development. In the foreseeable future, plant cell culture could replace cultivate plants to be put into the market.

Research Interests Plant cell engineering  Plant propagation Plant growth control

Plant cell engineering

I studied the techniques of plant cell culture of delicate and rare Chinese herbal and investigated the rules on plant cell proliferation and nutrition expenditure. Biotransforms have been achieved by adding elicitors and precursors that can express genes related target product biosynthesis. By utilizing plant metabolic engineering theory to regulate metabolic network, plants have been impelled to synthesis target product as soon as possible in order to actualize the industrialization of rare Chinese herbal medicinal plant resources and natural active components. Main research interests include induce and choose high yield medicinal plants and hairy roots; optimize culture medium and culture condition; investigate the rule and method of secondary metabolite synthesizing and inducing; choose elicitors and precursors; culture techniques of large scale cultivation of cells and hairy roots; culture process dynamics of cells and hairy roots; basic research of plant metabolic engineering; isolation and cloning of genes related to secondary metabolites synthesizing and the discovering and cloning of regulatory factors related genes expression.

Plant propagation

Large scale propagation in vitro of cells, tissue and organ of rare plant in order to produce rare Chinese herbal and clone sprout of flowers

Plant growth control

Plant growth and blooming time controlled by temperature, photoperiod and growth pacificator.

Main projects

1)  studies on the production of crocin by cultivating saffron cells;

2)  studies on the production of taxol by cultivating taxus cells;

3)  studies on the production of RIPs (Ribosome-inactivating Proteins) by cultivating hairy roots of Trichosanthes Kirilowii

4)  studies on the production of phenethylol glycoside by cultivating cells of Cistanche deserticola. etc.;

5)  studies on the S. Gossypiphora D. Don cells culture and production of active anti-ultraviolet ray substance;

6)  studies on cell culture of Panax Japonicus C.A. Meyer to produce active substances to treat Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases;

7)  studies on large scale culture of Catharanthus roseus and the production of anti-cancer drugs vincristine;

8)  Isolation and cloning of the genes related to Crocin biosynthesis;

9)  Isolation and cloning of the genes related to the regulation of Crocin biosynthesis;

10)  Isolation and cloning of genes related to phenylethanoid glycosides biosynthesis pathway


 Selected Publications:

1)Jin-Yan Liu,Zhi-Gang Guo*, Zhao-Lin Zeng, Improved phenylethanoid glycosides accumulation in suspended cell culture of Cistanche alsa by precursor feeding, Biochemical Engineering Journal, Volume 33, Issue 1, January 2007, Pages 88-93.

2) Zhang Jianfeng, Guo Zhigang, Effect of Methyl Jasmonic Acid on Baccatin ⅢBiosynthesis, Tsinghua Sci.& Tech., 11(3): 363~367,2006

3) Yang Bo, Guo Zhigang and Liuruizhi, Crocin Synthesis Mechanism in Crocus sativus,Tsinghua Sci.& Tech., 10(5): 567-572, 2005.

4)Guo Zhigang, Zeng Zhaolin, LIuRuizhi, and Deng Ying, Morphological transformation of plant Cell in vitro and Its Effect on Plant Growth, Tsinghua Sci.& Tech., 10(5): 573-578,2005.

5)Guo Zhigang,Yu Jinmei,Liu Ruizhi, Investigation of Cistanche salsa (C. A. Mey.) G. Beck culture and phenylethanoids biosynthesis, Chinese traditional and herbal drugs,35(2),204-207,2004


1)A method to produce polyploidy cells that can synthesize crocin by using Crocus savitus L. cells culturesZL00102919

2)A method to induce hairy roots of Trichosanthes Kirilowii andthe production of RIPs (Ribosome-inactivating Proteins)ZL00109602

3)One kind of biotechnology to produce Cistanche callus secondary metabolitesZL 02116242

4)solid-liquid two-step plant cell culture to produce useful secondary metabolitesZL200410000342X

5) One kind of bioconversion technology to produce phenylethanoid glycosides in Cistanche callus culture ZL200410000341.