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Tsinghua UniversityBeijing 100084, China

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Education and Experience

Research Interests

Awards and memberships



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Education and Experience

9/1957 C 7/1963

Department of Engineering Chemistry, Tsinghua University, graduated with B. Sc. (Eng. Chem.)

9/1963 C present

Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, as teaching assistant (9/1963-8/1978), lecturer(9/1978-1/1985), associate professor(2/1985-5/1988), professor(1988-), deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering and director of Solvent Extraction Laboratory(1991-) 

8/1981 C 9/1983

Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Bradford, The United Kingdom, visiting scholar

Research Interests    

Professor Feis research covers the broad fields of solvent extraction with interests ranging from the fundamental mechanisms to the industrial applications of solvent extraction equipment and process. A major research effort is being made in modeling and intensification of extraction columns, development of high efficiency packing for separation processes, application of non-equilibrium stage model for liquid-liquid extraction, liquid-liquid two-phase flow and transport phenomena, CAD of complex separation processes and etc.

  Awards and memberships in professional societies:

l         Award 1986 Technical Progress Prize of State Education Committee for project "Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer of Pulsed Sieve Plate Extraction Column.";

l         Award 1992 State Technical Progress Prize for project "Study and Application of New Packing for Low Interfacial Tension Extraction Systems";

l         Award 1992  Beijing Technical Progress Prize for project "Study and Revamping of  Heavy  Aromatics Separation Unit by DMSO";

l         Award 1995 Chinese Golden Patent  Prize , 1996 State Invention Prize , and Special Golden Prize of Brussels Eureka'95  for project " Mini Ring  Packing with inner Arc Strips ( Super Mini Ring ) ";

l         Award 1996 Technical Progress Prize of Sinopec for project Industrial Test of High Efficient Packing Column for Aromatic Separation by Sulfolane;

l         Member of Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineering;

l         Member of International Committee of International Solvent Extraction conference(ISEC)

Selected Publications:

l         Fei WY. and Bart H,  Prediction of Diffusivities in Liquid. Chem. Eng. & Technol., 1998, 21(8), 659.

l         Luo GS, Li HB, Fei WY., Wang JD. A General Correlation of Mass Transfer in Extraction Column, 1998, Chinese J. Chem. Eng., 6(3), 233.

l         Zha W, Chen D and Fei WY. The HPLC Separation of Fullerenes with 1-Methylnaphthalene Modified PSDVB Resin, 1999, J. Liq. Chrom. & Rel. Technol.,  22(16),2443.

l         Chen DH, Fei WY et al., Comparison of Hydrodynamic and Mass Transfer Performance of SMR, Rasching Ring and Pulsed Perforated Plate Column, 1999, Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 17(6), 1523.

l         Fei WY, Wang YD. and Wan YK. Physical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Velocity Fields in Rotating Disc Contactor via CFD Simulation and LDV Measurement, 2000, Chem. Eng. J., 78, 131-139.

l         Fei WY, Bart HJ, Predicting diffusivities in liquids by the group contribution method, Chem Eng Proc., 2001, 40(6):531

l        Chen, D, Fei, WY, et al,  The Impact of Packing Sections on Mass Transfer, Solvent Extraction & Ion Exchange, 2001, 19(1):167

l         Wang YD, Fei WY, Sun JH, Wan YK, Hydrodynamics and mass transfer performance of a modified rotating disc contactor (MRDC), Trans IChemE, Part A, Chem Eng Res Des, 2002, 80(A4), 392

l         Fei WY, et al Intensification of Random Packing via CFD Simulation, PIV Measurement and Traditional Experiments, J Chem Technol Biotechcol, 2003,78:142

l         Li XJ, Mao ZS, Fei WY,  "Effects of surface-active agents on mass transfer of a solute in solvent extraction systems, 2003, Chen Eng Sci, 58(16):3793-3806