Mr. Ding, Fuxin,  Professor
M.S. 1980 University of Pittsburgh
B.S. 1970 Tsinghua university
Biochemical and Food Engineering Division,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Tsinghua University,   Beijing 100084, China 
Tel: +86-10-62782824 Fax: +86-10-62770304


Research Area



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Research Area

Professor Ding has been working on the research in reaction engineering and reactor design for many years and has been in charge of many important industrial research projects. He successfully developed some new technique and equipment for the treatment of petrochemical wastewater. In recent years Professor Ding’s research encompasses three major areas:

Selected Publications:  

Zhongli Ji, Xiangbo Meng, Mingxian Shi and Fuxin Ding,, “The Interim Process between Pulse-backing Cleaning and Normal Filtration Processes of Ceramic Filter,”   in “High Temperature Gas Cleaning” Volume II, edited by A Dittler et al,  pp. 211- 219 (1999)

Fan Yi , Ding Fuxin et al, “The application of column aeration in the treatment of petrochemical wastewater”, Environmental Engineeringvol.18, No..6,  p.9-12(2000)

Chen Jun Ding Fuxin et al, “XPS Characterization and Propane Aromatization over Zinc Promoted HZSM-5 Catalyst”, Acta Petrolei Sinica (Petrochemical Processing Section), v. 16(5), p.8-12(2000)

Chen Jun, Ding Fuxin et al, “Stability of Zn/HZSM-5 Catalysts in Reaction –Regeneration Process of Propane Aromatization”, J. Tsinghua University, v. 40(10), p36-39(2000)

Yna Naiju and Ding Fuxin, Analyses of the problems in separation and reaction engineering based on field and flow , China Petrochemical Press, Beijing,1996