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         Self-Assembling Systems: Theory and Simulation

Edited by Li-Tang Yan

John Wiley & Sons: Oxford, UK.

2016, ISBN: 978-1-119-11314-0.


62.    Diffusion and Directionality of Charged Nanoparticles on Lipid Bilayer Membrane
Pengyu Chen, Zihan Huang, Junshi Liang, Tianqi Cui, Xinghua Zhang, Bing Miao* and Li-Tang Yan*
ACS Nano 2016
DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.6b07563
61.    Toward Self-Assembled Artificial Graphene: A 2D Nano-Honeycomb Monolayer and its Diverse Stacking Superstructures
XueSen Hou, GuoLong Zhu, LiJun Ren, Zihan Huang, Goran Ungar*, Li-Tang Yan* and Wei Wang*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, Revising
60.    Optimal Reactivity and Improved Self-Healing Capability of Structurally-Dynamic Polymers Grafted on Janus Nanoparticles Governed by Chain Stiffness and Spatial Organization
Guoxi Xu, Zihan Huang, Pengyu Chen, Tianqi Cui, Xinghua Zhang*, Bing Miao* and Li-Tang Yan*
Small 2016, In Press
59.    Shearing Janus Nanoparticles Confined in Two-Dimensional Space: Reshaped Cluster Configurations and Defined Assembling Kinetics
Zihan Huang, Pengyu Chen, Ye Yang and Li-Tang Yan*
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2016, 7, 1966–1971.
58.    Rational Design, Tailored Superstructures, and Functionalities of Self-Assembling Systems with Janus Particles: A Perspective of Theory and Simulation Studies
Zihan Huang, Bojun Dong, Pengyu Chen, Ye Yang, Guolong Zhu and Li-Tang Yan*
Acta Polym. Sin. (高分子学报) 2016, 8, 979-991. (Invited Feature Article for a Special Issue of Macromolecular Theory and Simulation, Cover)
57.    Ligand-Receptor Interaction Mediated Transmembrane Transport of Dendrimer-like Soft Nanoparticles: Mechanisms and Complicated Diffusive Dynamics
Junshi Liang, Pengyu Chen, Bojun Dong, Zihan Huang, Kongyin Zhao* and Li-Tang Yan*
Biomacromolecules 2016, 17(5), 1834–1844.
56.    Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials Undergoes Flat Vesiculation and Occurs by Revolution and Self-Rotation
Jian Mao, Pengyu Chen, Junshi Liang, Ruohai Guo and Li-Tang Yan*
ACS Nano 2016, 10(1), 1493-1502.
55.    A Filled-Honeycomb-Structured Crystal Formed by Self-Assembly of a Janus Polyoxometalate–Silsesquioxane (POM–POSS) Co-Cluster
Chi Ma, Han Wu, Zihan Huang, Ruohai Guo, Min-Biao Hu, Christian Kübel*, Li-Tang Yan*, and Wei Wang*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54(52), 15699-15704. (VIP Paper)
54.    Chain Stiffness Regulates Entropy-Templated Perfect Mixing at Single-Nanoparticle level
Zihan Huang, Ce Lu, Bojun Dong, Guoxi Xu, Chengcheng Ji, Kongyin Zhao*, and Li-Tang Yan*
Nanoscale 2016, 8(2), 1024-1032.
53.    Construction of a linker library with widely controllable flexibility for fusion protein design
Gang Li, Ziliang Huang, Chong Zhang*, Bojun Dong, Ruohai Guo, Hong-Wei Yue, Li-Tang Yan, and Xin-Hui Xing*
Appl. Microbiol. Biot. 2016, 100(1), 215-225.
52.    Chain-Stiffness-Induced Entropy Effects Mediate Interfacial Assembly of Janus Nanoparticles in Block Copolymers: From Interfacial Nanostructures to Optical Responses
Bojun Dong, Zihan Huang, Honglin Chen, and Li-Tang Yan*
Macromolecules 2015, 48(15), 5385–5393.
51.    The Fractal Analysis in q Space For the Phase Morphology of Polypropylene / Polydecamethylene Sebacamide Blends during Melt Mixing
Zihan Huang, Li-Tang Yan*, Gui-Qiu Ma, and Jing Sheng*
Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting 2015, 31(4), 414-433. (Invited Paper for a Special Issue)
50.    Entropy-Mediated Mechanical Response of the Interfacial Nanoparticle Patterning
Zhengyang Liu, Ruohai Guo, Guoxi Xu, Zihan Huang, and Li-Tang Yan*
Nano Letters 2014, 14(12), 6910-6916.
49.    Predictive supracolloidal helices from patchy particles
Ruohai Guo, Jian Mao, Xu-Ming Xie, and Li-Tang Yan*
Scientific Reports 2014, 4, 7021.
48.    From Polymer Sequence Control to Protein Recognition: Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Lectin Binding
Jiawei Lu, Changkui Fu, Shiqi Wang, Lei Tao*, Litang Yan*, David M. Haddleton, and Gaojian Chen*
Macromolecules 2014, 47(14), 4676-4683.
47.    Rational Design and Computer Simulation of Patchy Particle Self-Assembly
Ruohai Guo and Li-Tang Yan*
CIESC Journal (化工学报)2014, 65(7), 2513-2519. (Invited Article)
46.    Coassembly of Janus Nanoparticles in Asymmetric Diblock Copolymer Scaffolds: Unconventional Entropy Effect and Role of Interfacial Topology
Bojun Dong, Ruohai Guo, and Li-Tang Yan*
Macromolecules 2014, 47(13), 4369-4379.
45.    Simulation and Analysis of Cellular Internalization Pathways and Membrane Perturbation for Graphene Nanosheets
Jian Mao, Ruohai Guo, and Li-Tang Yan*
Biomaterials 2014, 35(23), 6069-6077.
44.    Unique Dynamical Approach of Fully Wrapping Dendrimer-Like Soft Nanoparticles by Lipid Bilayer Membrane
Ruohai Guo, Jian Mao, and Li-Tang Yan*
ACS Nano 2013, 7(12), 10646-10653.
43.    Janus Nanorods in Shearing-to-Relaxing Polymer Blends
Wei Li, Bojun Dong, and Li-Tang Yan*
Macromolecules 2013, 46(18), 7465-7476.
42.    Interplay between Crystallization and Phase Separation in PS-b-PMMA/PEO Blends: The Effect of Confinement
Nan Chen, Li-Tang Yan, and Xu-Ming Xie*
Macromolecules 2013, 46(9), 3544-3553.
41.    Harnessing Dynamic Covalent Bonds in Patchy Nanoparticles: Creating Shape-Shifting Building Blocks for Rational and Responsive Self-Assembly
Ruohai Guo, Zhengyang Liu, Xu-Ming Xie, and Li-Tang Yan*
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2013, 4, 1221-1226.
40.    Computer simulation of cell entry of graphene nanosheet
Ruohai Guo, Jian Mao, Li-Tang Yan*
Biomaterials 2013, 34(17), 4296–4301.
39.    Role of compatibilizer in multicomponent polymer mixtures under shear flow
Ruohai Guo, Jialin Li, Li-Tang Yan* and Xu-Ming Xie
Soft Matter 2013, 9(1), 255-260.
38.    Computational Modeling and Simulation of Nanoparticle Self-Assembly in Polymeric Systems: Structures, Properties and External Field Effects
Li-Tang Yan*, Xu-Ming Xie
Progress In Polymer Science 2013, 38(2), 369-405.
37.    Promoting the Network Formation in Nanorod-filled Binary Blends
Li-Tang Yan, Egor Maresov, Ryan C. Hayward, Todd Emrick, Thomas P. Russell, Anna C. Balazs
MRS Proceedings 2012, 1411.
36.    Confined crystallization behaviors and phase morphologies of PVCH-PE-PVCH/PE homopolymer blends
Pei-Qian Yu, Li-Tang Yan, Nan Chen, Xu-Ming Xie
Polymer 2012, 53(21), 4727-4736.
35.    Directed self-assembly of Janus nanorods in binary polymer mixture: towards precise control of nanorod orientation relative to interface
Kunlun Xu, Ruohai Guo, Bojun Dong, Li-Tang Yan*
Soft Matter 2012, 8(37), 9581-9588.
34.    Length Dependent Assembly of a Stiff Polymer Chain at the Interface of a Carbon Nanotube
Ruohai Guo, Zhen Tan, Kunlun Xu, Li-Tang Yan*
ACS Macro Letters 2012, 1(8), 977-981.
33.    Effect of Multivalent Counterions on the Morphology and Interactions Polyelectrolyte Chains Grafted on Carbon Nanotubes
Li-Tang Yan*, Ruohai Guo
Soft Matter 2012, 8, 660-666.
32.    Self-Assembly of Nanorods in Ternary Mixtures: Prompting the Percolation of Nanorods and Creating Interfacially Jammed Gels
Li-Tang Yan, Anna C Balazs
Journal of Materials Chemistry 2011, 21(37), 14178-14184.
31.    Self-Assembly of Mixture of Nanorods in Binary, Phase-Separating Blend
Li-Tang Yan, Egor Maresov, Gavin A Buxton, Anna Balazs
Soft Matter 2011, 7(2), 595-607.
30.    Surface-Directed Phase Separation and the Formation of Unique Phase Structures
Li-Tang Yan, Xu-Ming Xie
Polymer Bulletin (Chinese) 2011, 4, 42-54.
29.    Complexes Comprised of a Dendrimer and a Vesicle: Role of Vesicle Size and the Surface Tension of the Vesicle Membrane
Li-Tang Yan*, Xiaobo Yu
Nanoscale 2011, 3(9), 3812-3818.
28.    Lamellar Microstructure and Dynamic Behavior of Diblock Copolymer/Nanoparticle Composites under Electric Fields
Li-Tang Yan*, Heiko G. Schoberth, Alexander Böker*
Soft Matter 2010, 6(23), 5956-5964.
27.    Determination of Polymer Morphology from a Single Intensity Measurement in the Reciprocal Space
Guohai Situ*, Li-Tang Yan*
European Polymer Journal 2010, 46(9), 1891-1895.
26.    Self-Assembly of Janus Nanoparticles in Diblock Copolymers
Li-Tang Yan*, Glaiser Nicole, Suji-Kumar Ghosh, Alexander Böker*
ACS Nano 2010, 4(2), 913–920.
25.    Enhanced Permeability of Charged Dendrimers across Tense Lipid Bilayer Membranes
Li-Tang Yan,* Xiaobo Yu
ACS Nano 2009, 3(8), 2171-2176.
24.    Charged Dendrimers on Lipid Bilayer Membranes: Insight through Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations
Li-Tang Yan*, Xiaobo Yu
Macromolecules 2009, 42(16), 6277-6283.
23.    Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations on Overcharging Cylindrical Polyelectrolyte Brushes with Multivalent Counterions
Li-Tang Yan*, Xinjun Zhang
Soft Matter 2009, 25(6), 3808-3813.
22.    Shaping Colloidal Rutile into Thermally Stable and Porous Mesoscopic Titania Balls(Highlight on Cover)
Ram Sai Yelamanchili, Yan Lu, Thomas Lunkenbein, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Li-Tang Yan, Matthias Ballauff, and Josef Breu
Small 2009, 5(11), 1326-1333.
21.    Large-scale Oriented Assembly of Nanoparticles in Diblock Copolymer Templates under Electric Fields
Li-Tang Yan*, Heiko G. Schoberth, Alexander Böker*
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2009, 210(12), 1003-1010.
20.    Influence of counterion valency on the conformational behavior of cylindrical polyelectrolyte brushes
Li-Tang Yan*, Youyong Xu, Matthius Ballauff, Axel. H. E. Müller, Alexander Böker*
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2009, 113(15), 5104–5110.
19.    Phase Dynamics and Wetting Layer Formation Mechanisms of Pattern-Directed Phase Separation in Binary Polymer Mixture Films with Asymmetry Compositions
Jialin Li, Li-Tang Yan*, Xu–Ming Xie*
Polymer 2009, 128(15), 154702.
18.    Dissipative Particle Simulations of Complexes Comprised of Cylindrical Polyelectrolyte Brushes and Oppositely Charged Linear Polyelectrolytes
Li-Tang Yan*, Xinjun Zhang
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17.    Kinetic Pathway of Pattern-Directed Phase Separation in Binary Polymer mixture Films
Li-Tang Yan*, Jialin Li, Yao Li, Xu-Ming Xie*
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16.    Surface-Directed Phase Separation via Two-Step Quench Process in Binary Polymer Mixture Films with Asymmetry Compositions
Li-Tang Yan*, Jialin Li, Fengbo Zhang, Xu-Ming Xie
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15.    Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulations of Lamellar Structure via Two-Step Surface-Directed Phase Separation in Polymer Blend Films
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14.    The Phase Dynamics and Wetting Layer Formation Mechanisms in Two-Step Surface-Directed Spinodal Decomposition
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13.    Lamellar Morphology Induced by Two-Step Surface-Directed Spinodal Decomposition in Binary Polymer Mixture Films
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12.    Wetting Layer Formation Mechanisms of Surface-directed Phase Separation Under different Quench Depths with Off-critical Compositions in Polymer Binary Mixture
Li-Tang Yan, Xu-Ming Xie
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11.    Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Poly(butylene succinate-co-butylene methyl succinate)
Yuanbi Sun, Jun Xu, Yongxiang Xu, Li-Tang Yan, Baohua Guo
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10.    Numerical Simulation of Surface Effects on Spinodal Decomposition in Polymer Binary Mixture: Quench Depth Dependence
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9.    Numerical Simulation of Substrate Effects on Spinodal Decomposition in Polymer Binary Mixture: Effects of the Surface Potential
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8.    Study Diffusion Effects on Chain Extension Reactions Based on the Reptation Theory
Li-Tang Yan, Bao-Hua Guo, Jun Xu, Xu-Ming Xie
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7.    Analysis of Phase Morphology and Dynamics of Immiscible PP/PA1010 Blends and Its Partial-miscible Blends during Melt Mixing from SEM Patterns
Li-Tang Yan, Jing Sheng
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6.    Monte Carlo Simulation of Diffusion Effects on Chain Extension Reactions
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4.    Blends of polypropylene with poly(cis-butadiene) rubber. III. Study on the phase structure and morphology of incompatible blends of polypropylene with poly(cis-butadiene) rubber
Guiqiu Ma, Yunhui Zhao, Li-Tang Yan, Yunyan Li, Jing Sheng
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3.    Monte Carlo Simulation of Chain Extension Using Bisoxazolines as Coupling Agent
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2.    Carboxyl Terminated Polymer Chain Extension Using a Bisoxazoline Coupling Agent: Monte Carlo Simulation
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1.    Numerical Simulation of Substrate Effects on Spinodal Decomposition in Polymer Binary Mixture: Morphology and Dynamics
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