WANG, Yao  Ph.D. Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China 100084

Gongwu Hall, 312B








Polymer Reaction Engineering

1. Course information

  • Brief content

                   Basics of chemical reaction engineering and its methodology


                   Polymer reactors and their scale-up

  • Prerequisites


    higher mathematics

organic chemistry

polymer chemistry

physical chemistry

  • Student composition

  Undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in polymer science and technology

  • Course duration: 32 class hours
  • Spring Term

2. Course outline

         Chapter 1  Introduction
         Chapter 2  Homogeneous Reaction Kinetics
         Chapter 3  Ideal Reactors
         Chapter 4  Non-ideal Flows and Reactor Models
         Chapter 5  Polymer Reactions and Polymer Reactors
         Chapter 6  Design and Scale-up of a Stirred Tank Reactor
         Chapter 7   Typical process analysis

Catalytic Reaction Engineering

In preparation......

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