WANG, Yao  Ph.D. Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China 100084

Gongwu Hall, 312B








In Progress

1.Synthesis and Large Scale Production of Zeolites


Structure and acidity control

  Process Engineering (large scale production)

2.Basic Research on Heterogeneous Catalysis




Reaction kinetics


Deactivation and regeneration


Reactor simulation


3.Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technology


Methanol to Olefin(MTO)


Methanol to Propylene (MTP)


1.Basic research on and application of fluidization


Fluidization of Nanoparticle Agglomerates (NSFC project No. 20006009)

   Agglomerate structure of nanosized powders

   Agglomerate fluidization behavior and mechanism


Agglomerate Particulate Fluidization (APF) of nanosized-SiO2 particles

  Application of the Fluidization of Nanoparticle Agglomerates

   National 863 project No.2003AA302630)


Large scale production of carbon nanotubes by a nano-agglomerate fluidized bed reactor


2.Basic research on carbon nanotubes


Dispersion, purification and gas adsorption

   (National 863 project No.2003AA302630)


Chinese Standards -- Testing methods of the purity and diameter of carbon nanotubes

   (National Basic Research Program  Project No.2006CB932502)


3.Research on biomass utilization

    (National Basic Research Program  Project No.2004CB719706)


Database of biomass resources and utilization


Analysis and evaluation of biomass technologies


4.Research on titanium resources and utilization

    (National science and technology supported project No.2007BAB20B02/03)


Low temperature chlorination of Ti-containing ores by CCl4


Process enhancement

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