Dr. Tong QIU

Associate Professor
Institute of Process Systems Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Tsinghua University

Tel: 010-62784513
Fax: 010-62770304
E-mail: qiutong@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

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Dr. Tong QIU received her B.Sc. and Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 1995 and 2000, respectively. In 2004   she was promoted as an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University. Her current research centered on process system engineering including 1) Simulation and optimization of ethylene process; 2) Flare minimization via dynamic simulation; 3) Molecule management for petroleum refining industry; 4) Technical and economic analysis of energy system; 5) Abnormal situation management and process optimization design. These works have harvested about 70 journal-publicaions, and 3 patents, and 7 scientific and technology prizes, and also obtained the supports from NSFC program, 863 project, 973 project and National Key Technology R&D Program.

Selected Publications:

  1. Weiguo Zhou, Tong Qiu. Zone modeling of radiative heat transfer in industrial furnaces using adjusted Monte-Carlo integral method for direct exchange area calculation. Applied Thermal Engineering. 81(2015)161-167
  2. Hangzhou Wang, Nan Zhang, Tong Qiu, Jinsong Zhao, Xiaorong He, Bingzhen Chen. Optimization of a continuous fermentation process producing 1,3-propane diol with Hopf singularity and unstable operating points as constraints. Chemical Engineering Science. Volume 116, 6 September 2014, Pages 668–681
  3. Bing Wang, Tong Qiu, Bingzhen Chen. Photochemical Process Modeling and Analysis of Ozone Generation. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2014, 22(6) 721–729
  4. Yongchen Zhao, Jian Zhang, Tong Qiu*, Jinsong Zhao, Qiang Xu. Flare Minimization during Start-Ups of an Integrated Cryogenic Separation System via Dynamic Simulation.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.2014, 53 (4),1553–1562 DOI: 10.1021/ie403223y
  5. Liu Zhexuan, Qiu Tong, Chen Bingzhen.A study of the LCA based biofuel supply chain multi-objective optimization model with multi-conversion paths in China. Applied Energy 2014 126(C) 221-234
  6. Liu Zhexuan, Qiu Tong, Chen Bingzhen. A LCA Based Biofuel Supply Chain Analysis Framework, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 22(6) 669-681 (2014)
  7. Zhang Nan, Qiu Tong, Chen Bingzhen,CFD Simulation of Propane Cracking Tube Using Detailed Radical Kinetic Mechanism,Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering.2013, 21 (12): 1319-1331
  8. Guang Song, Tong Qiu, Jinsong Zhao. Flare Minimization Model for Ethylene Splitter System's Shutdown. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2013, 52(26), 9180-9188
  9. Hangzhou Wang, Nan zhang, Tong Qiu, Jinsong Zhao, Xiaorong He, Bingzhen Chen. Analysis of Hopf Points for a Zymomonas mobilis Continuous Fermentation Process Producing Ethanol. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2013, 52(4), 1645-1655
  10. Hangzhou Wang, Nan Zhang, Tong Qiu, Jinsong Zhao, Xiaorong He, Bingzhen Chen. A process design framework for considering the stability of steady state operating points and Hopf singularity points in chemical processes. Chemical Engineering Science, 2013, 99(9), 252-264
  11. Li Chufu, Qiu Tong, Chen Bingzhen, Tian Liang, Song Bangyong, Li, JichunFluid dynamic numerical simulation coupled with heat transfer and reaction in the tubular reactor of industrial cracking furnaces. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids. 2010,62(4) 355-373