Mr. HE, Xiaorong,  Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University,   Beijing 100084, China

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Fax: +86-10-62770304



Education and Experience  Teaching and Research Interests

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Education and Experience


B. Sc., Department of Automobile Engineering, Tsinghua University, 1970.

Professional experiences:

1970-1973    Automobile Factory of Tsinghua University

assistant, lecturer,

associate professor

 and professor


Department of Chemical Engineering
3/1983-4/1988 visiting scholar Carnegie Mellon University, USA
11/1993-4/1994 visiting scholar The Technical University of Denmark

Teaching and Research Interests    

Prof. He teaches Optimization of chemical process for the senior undergraduate. His research specializes in the field of chemical engineering and process system engineering. Work is directed at Optimal synthesis, optimal design, optimal operation, optimal manage, process modeling, development and application of ‘soft sensor’ technology for chemical process.

Current Projects:

1. Simulation and optimization of key process in ethylene manufacture.

2. Optimal planning of production of Dagang refinery

3. The project of National 10th Five-Year Plan, Optimization and Control of Petroleum processing

 Selected Publications:

1.  Xu, Q., Chen, B. Z., He, X. R. (2001). An extended algorithm of flexibility analysis in chemical engineering processes. Chinese J. Chem. Eng., 9(1), 51-57

2.  Lu, X. M., He, X. R., Chen, B. Z., Li Y. T., Qian, Q. (2000). Online updating for inferred properties of atmospheric and vacuum crude oil distillation tower. Journal of Tsinghua University (Sci &Tech), 40(S2), 241~245

3.  Jiang, T. W., Chen, B. Z, He, X. R. (2000). Industrial application of wavelet transform to the on-line prediction of side draw qualities of crude unit. Computer & Chemical Engineering, 24(2-7), 507-512

4.  Jiang, T. W., Chen, B. Z, He, X. R. (2000). Wavelets based MRA of process data processing. Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China), 51(3), 372~377

5.  Wu, J. F., He, X. R., Chen, B. Z. (2000). Back-propagation neural network model of dynamic system and its application. Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China), 51(3), 378~382.

6.  Wu, K., He, X. R., Chen, B. Z. (2000). On-line Training Method of ANN in DMS for Side-Draw Quality of refinery Fractionator. Computer & Chemical Engineering, 24(2-7), 1585~1589

7.  Xu, Q, He, X. R., Chen, B. Z. (2000). Data mining and modifying technology of intellect monitoring system on FCC oil qualities, Computers and Applied Chemistry, 17(3), 210~214.

8.  Jiang, T. W., He, X. R., Chen B. Z., Lu X. M., Qian Q. (2000). On-line observation system of side draw product qualities of crude tower, Acta petrolei sinica (Petroleum processing section), 16(5), 47~55