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Biodiesel production with enzymatic approaches

    Lipase-catalyzed transesterification from renewable oils for biodiesel production has many advantages for biodiesel production. However, the low stability and the high cost of the lipase have been thought to be the main hurdle to the industrialization of lipase-catalyzed biodiesel production.

biodiesel plant

    Our laborotary has proposed a novel route and the operational life of the immobilized lipase could be improved over 30-fold than traditional enzymatic approaches. This novel route is thought to be very promising for the commercialization of biodiesel production since it would reduce the lipase cost dramatically by significantly improving the stability and the operational life of the lipase. The first biodiesel plant (20,000 t/y) using enzymatic approaches in Hunan was put into operation on Dec. 8, 2006. The characteristics of biodiesel accord with EU (EN14214) and US standards.


Integrated production of biodesel and 1, 3- propanediol

    How to convert glycerol has become a common problem which has to be resolved if considering large amount of biodiesel production. Integrated production of 1,3-propanediol (PDO) from glycerol could be a promising way to improve the profit of the whole process during biodiesel production.1,3-PDO is a valuable chemical material and especially it could be copolymerizes with terephthalic acid (or methyl ester) to form polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT).
    Our laboratory has proposed a novel flexible process for 1,3-PDO production from glycerol or glucose, and the demonstrations of 5m^3 and 50m^3 were finished. The purity of final product 1,3-PDO is as good as 99.92%. Some 1,3-PDO sample was tested for PTT polymerization by Chinese and Japanese companies. The results showed that the key characteristics of PTT polymerized with the 1, 3-PDO produced by biological route are even better than that by chemical route.

PDO plant



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