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  As the critical part of modern biotechnology, Cell  
Culture Engineering is an interdisciplinary subject,
which integrates biology and engineering tightly.
Animal cell culture and plant cell culture are two
main specialties in this field. The current research
on animal cell culture in our institute chiefly
focuses on Antibody Engineering, which utilizes immunology and hybridoma
techniques tofuse an antibody-producing lymphocyte with a tumor cell and used
to culture continuously a specific monoclonal antibody (mAb). The mAbs produced
by large-scale culture of hybridoma have a plenty of practices, such as disease
diagnosis, clinic therapy, and also protein purification. To explore the application
of mAbs, we induce genetic engineering to obtain the genes of various kinds of
antibodies and express them in microbes or animal cells.
Presently, our projects include human resource antibody, antibody fused protein
and mini-type antibody. These antibodies are mainly used in diagnosis kit for
heart disease, detecting small amount protein,direct reagent preparation and
high-effect affinity chromatogram.
The Laboratory of plant cell culture engineering was founded in 1995. It mainly
engages in the research of the innovative technology of useful metabolite
productions by culturing medicinal herbs on large scale and the corresponding
mechanisms of cell metabolin synthesis. Further more its task includes the key
genes'screening and clone which are related to the metabolism of plant, and the
construction of transgenic plants of highly expression. Presently, the main
research projects are Saffron cell culture and its anticancer metabolin¡¯s
production and research; Taxus cell culture and Taxal¡¯s production and research;
Herba Cistanchis cell culture and its antiaging effective components¡¯ production
and research; and the clone and identification of key genes of Saffron and the
construction of transgenic saffron.
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Research Group:

Zhigang Guo , Qiang Li