Since its foundation in 1985, the institute of biochemical engineering,belonging
to the department of chemical engineering, Tsinghua University, has taken the
guiding principle of development with a combination of inheritage and innovation.
As it became clear that biology would have an increasingly profound influence on
the engineering fields, IBE is dedicated to rebuilding the chemical industry with
the cooperation of biotechnology, and to providing a new platform based on
chemical enineering, for the industrialization of biotechonology, The cross of the
two subjects also make it our mission of promoting the development in bioenergy
and bioenviroment fields.
Till today, the institute's total staff includes 6 professors (two are from BaiRen programm), 4 Associate professors,1 Instructor,and
6 postdoctors, with backgrounds ranging from chemical engineering, biochemical enigineering to molecular biology, microbiology
and agronomy. IBE is committed to educating students in knowledge and research, for best serving in the crossarea and practical
needs. It has PHD students and graduate students with each number of 26 and 35.
IBE is now carrying on a number of national research programs,including 973,863, national nature and science project,as well as
the cooperations with industry. The achievements are fruitful with more than 20 patents and plenty of published papers and works