Advanced Hierarchical Nanostructured Materials

作者: Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei;
ISBN13: 9783527333462
类型: 精装
出版日期: 2014-05-19
出版社: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH
页数: 485


An overview of the recent developments and prospects in this highly topical area, covering the synthesis, characterization, properties and applications of hierarchical nanostructured materials. The book concentrates on those materials relevant for research and development in the fields of energy, biomedicine and environmental protection, with a strong focus on 3D materials based on nanocarbons, mesoporous silicates, hydroxides, core-shell particles and helical nanostructures. 
Thanks to its clear concept and application-oriented approach, this is an essential reference for experienced researchers and newcomers to the field alike.