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序号 标题 作者 刊名 影响因子
1 (NaPO3)(6)-assisted wet formation of dispersive Mg(OH)(2) nanoplates Ji, Yu; Wang, Jing; Xiang, Lan MATERIALS RESEARCH INNOVATIONS.19: 193-201, 2015 0.473
2 3D Mesoporous Graphene: CVD Self-Assembly on Porous Oxide Templates and Applications in High-Stable Li-S Batteries Shi, Jia-Le; Tang, Cheng; Peng, Hong-Jie; Zhu, Lin; Cheng, Xin-Bing; Huang, Jia-Qi; Zhang, Qiang;Zhu, Lin; Zhu, Wancheng SMALL.11(39), 2015 7.514
3 A case study of a phosphorus chemical firm's application of resource efficiency and eco-efficiency in industrial metabolism under circular economy Ma, Shujie; Hu, Shanying; Chen, Dingjiang; Zhu, Bing JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION.87: 292-301, 2015 3.59
4 A comparative study of Rh and Ni coated microchannel reactor for steam methane reforming using CFD with detailed chemistry Cao, Chenxi; Zhang, Nian; Chen, Xin; Cheng, Yi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE.137: 1380-1388, 2015 2.613
5 A comparison of several organosolv pretreatments for improving the enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw: Substrate digestibility, fermentability and structural features Chen, Hongmei; Hu, Tianhang; Zhao, Xuebing; Liu, Dehua;Zhao, Jia APPLIED ENERGY.150: 747-766, 2015 5.261
6 A consecutive microreactor system for the synthesis of caprolactam with high selectivity Wang, Kai; Zhang, Jisong; Zheng, Chen; Dong, Chen; Lu, Yangcheng; Luo, Guangsheng AICHE JOURNAL.61(6), 2015 2.581
7 A general method for synthesizing enzyme-polymer conjugates in reverse emulsions using Pluronic as a reactive surfactant Wu, Xiaoling; Ge, Jun; Zhu, Jingying; Zhang, Yifei; Yong, You; Liu, Zheng CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS.51(47): 2806-2809, 2015 6.718
8 A low content Au-based catalyst for hydrochlorination of C2H2 and its industrial scale-up for future PVC processes Zhou, Kai; Jia, Jinchao; Xu, Hao; Luo, Guohua; Wei, Fei; Li, Chunhua; Zhou, Jun GREEN CHEMISTRY.17(1): 1328-1335, 2015 8.02
9 A Method to Accelerate the Gelation of Disulfide-crosslinked Hydrogels Yan, Xiaoshan; Yang, Xiaotong; Tong, Xinming; Huang, Yanbin CHINESE JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE.33(1): 3804-3811, 2015 1.42
10 A microdevice for producing monodispersed droplets under a jetting flow Li, Y. K.; Liu, G. T.; Xu, J. H.; Wang, K.; Luo, G. S. RSC ADVANCES.5(35), 2015 3.708
11 A multi-scale molecular dynamics simulation of PMAL facilitated delivery of siRNA Li, Jipeng; Ouyang, Yiyun; Kong, Xian; Zhu, Jingying; Lu, Diannan; Liu, Zheng RSC ADVANCES.5(83): 96-105, 2015 3.708
12 A novel fluorescent epoxy resin for organophosphate pesticide detection Zhang, Hong-Xing; Wei, Ren-Bo; Tuo, Xin-Lin; Wang, Xiao-Gong; Chen, Chuan-Zhi CHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS.26(1): 113-121, 2015 1.178
13 A novel high-throughput and quantitative method based on visible color shifts for screening Bacillus subtilis THY-15 for surfactin production Yang, Huan; Yu, Huimin; Shen, Zhongyao JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY.42(8): 8817-8820, 2015 2.505
14 A novel strategy for 1,3-propanediol recovery from fermentation broth and control of product colority using scraped thin-film evaporation for desalination Zhang, Yuanman; Luo, Ji'an; Zhao, Xuebing; Liu, Dehua RSC ADVANCES.5(60), 2015 3.708
15 A novel supramolecular polymer fabricated via stronger hydrogen-bonding interactions between substituted amide groups: design, synthesis, properties and mechanism Dai, Ze-Hui; Qiang, Lu; Tang, Li-ming; Guo, Bao-Hua RSC ADVANCES.5(102): 46981-46988, 2015 3.708
16 A region-selective modified capillary microfluidic device for fabricating water-oil Janus droplets and hydrophilic-hydrophobic anisotropic microparticles Xu, Ke; Ge, Xue-Hui; Huang, Jin-Pei; Dang, Zhu-Xi; Xu, Jian-Hong; Luo, Guang-Sheng RSC ADVANCES.5(58): 273-279, 2015 3.708
17 A self-redox pure-phase M1 MoVNbTeOx/CeO2 nanocomposite as a highly active catalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane Chu, Bozhao; An, Hang; Cheng, Yi; Nijhuis, T. A.; Schouten, Jaap C. JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS.329: 1043-1050, 2015 6.073
18 A Study on Suction Effect of Impellers in a Square Pump-Mix Mixer Zou, Yang; Song, Weiyuan; Wang, Yundong; Fei, Weiyang JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING OF JAPAN.48(5), 2015 0.644
19 A Unified Theoretical Model for Breakup of Bubbles and Droplets in Turbulent Flows Xing, Chutian; Wang, Tiefeng; Guo, Kunyu; Wang, Jinfu AICHE JOURNAL.61(4): 111-120, 2015 2.581
20 Adsorption and substitution effects of Mg on the growth of calcium sulfate hemihydrate: An ab initio DFT study Xin, Y ; Hou, SC ; Xiang, L ; Yu, YX APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE.357: 1552-1557, 2015
21 Air Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery: In Situ Monitoring the Low-Temperature Oxidation of Oil through Thermogravimetry/Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry Fan, Cheng; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei; Shi, Lin; Zan, Cheng; Hao, Qiangsheng; Jiang, Hang INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH.54(26): 584-591, 2015 2.235
22 An in situ-forming zwitterionic hydrogel as vitreous substitute Chang, Jing; Guo, Bao-hua; Huang, Yanbin; Tao, Yong; Wang, Bin; Jiang, Yan-rong JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B.3(6): 180-187, 2015 0
23 Beckmann rearrangement reaction of cyclohexanone oxime in sub/supercritical water: byproduct and selectivity Li, Yang; Wang, Kai; Qin, Kang; Wang, Tao RSC ADVANCES.5(32): 2002-2016, 2015 3.708
24 Bubble generation rules in microfluidic devices with microsieve array as dispersion medium Zheng, Chen; Zhao, Bochao; Wang, Kai; Luo, Guangsheng AICHE JOURNAL.61(5): 28484-28504, 2015 2.581
25 Catalytic hydrogenation of isophthalonitrile (IPN) over supported monometallic and bimetallic catalysts Liu, Chang; Li, Xiaodan; Wang, Tiefeng RSC ADVANCES.5(71), 2015 3.708
26 Chain-Stiffness-Induced Entropy Effects Mediate Interfacial Assembly of Janus Nanoparticles in Block Copolymers: From Interfacial Nanostructures to Optical Responses Dong, Bojun; Huang, Zihan; Chen, Honglin; Yan, Li-Tang MACROMOLECULES.48(15): 86-96, 2015 5.927
27 CO2 solubility measurement and thermodynamic modeling for 1-methylpiperazine/water/CO2 Li, Han; Chen, Jian; Le Moullec, Yann;Lu, Jiahui; Marcos, Jose Carlos Valle; Chen, Guofei; Chopin, Fabrice FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA.394, 2015 2.241
28 Combined phospholipase and lipase catalysis for biodiesel production from phospholipids-containing oil Li, Yang; Huang, Yanfei; Du, Wei; Dai, Lingmei; Liu, Dehua BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING.20(5): 16183-16189, 2015 1.113
29 Computational design of enzyme-ligand binding using a combined energy function and deterministic sequence optimization algorithm Tian, Ye; Huang, Xiaoqiang; Zhu, Yushan JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MODELING.21(8): 25-36, 2015 1.867
30 Continuous Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solutions by Ca(II) Imprinted Chitosan Microspheres Packed Column He, Jing; Lu, Yangcheng; Luo, Guangsheng; Wu, Longwen SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.50(8), 2015 1.171
31 Controllable oxidation for oil recovery: Low temperature oxidative decomposition of heavy oil on a MnO2 catalyst Fan, Cheng; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS.36(2), 2015 1.552
32 Controlled coalescence of two immiscible droplets for Janus emulsions in a microfluidic device Zhang, Ming-Yu; Zhao, Hong; Xu, Jian-Hong; Luo, Guang-Sheng RSC ADVANCES.5(41): 678-684, 2015 3.708
33 Customized casting of unstacked graphene with high surface area (>1300 m(2) g(-1)) and its application in oxygen reduction reaction Shi, Jia-Le; Tian, Gui-Li; Zhang, Qiang; Zhao, Meng-Qiang; Wei, Fei CARBON.93, 2015 6.16
34 Delicate ternary heterostructures achieved by hierarchical co-assembly of Ag and Fe3O4 nanoparticles on MoS2 nanosheets: morphological and compositional synergy in reversible lithium storage Pan, Long; Xie, Xu-Ming; Liu, Yi-Tao;Zhu, Xiao-Dong JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A.3(6), 2015 0
35 Dendrite-free lithium metal anodes: stable solid electrolyte interphases for high-efficiency batteries Cheng, Xin-Bing; Zhang, Qiang JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A.3(14): 16889-16895, 2015 0
36 Designing Host Materials for Sulfur Cathodes: From Physical Confinement to Surface Chemistry Peng, Hong-Jie; Zhang, Qiang ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION.54(38): 24540-24546, 2015 11.336
37 Detailed kinetics of methylphenyldichlorosilane synthesis from methyldichlorosilane and chlorobenzene by gas phase condensation Liu, Tong; Wang, Tiefeng; Huang, Yunlong; Wang, Chao; Wang, Jinfu CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.23(6): 13408-13411, 2015 0.872
38 Determination of kinetics of CO2 absorption in solutions of 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol using a microfluidic technique Zheng, Chen; Zhao, Bochao; Wang, Kai; Luo, Guangsheng AICHE JOURNAL.61(12): 50617-50627, 2015 2.581
39 Disappearance of the fillerAn interesting interfacial evolution during the photooxidative aging of polypropylene composites Zhao, Jiaohong; Liu, Xuan; Yang, Rui; Yu, Jian JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE.132(38): 32768-32774, 2015 1.64
40 Dual targeting strategy of magnetic nanoparticle-loaded and RGD peptide-activated stimuli-sensitive polymeric micelles for delivery of paclitaxel Lin, Meng Meng;Kang, Yoon Joong; Sohn, Youngjoo;Kim, Do Kyung JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH.17(6): 2892-2901, 2015 2.278
41 Dual-Phase Lithium Metal Anode Containing a Polysulfide-Induced Solid Electrolyte Interphase and Nanostructured Graphene Framework for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Cheng, Xin-Bing; Peng, Hong-Jie; Huang, Jia-Qi; Zhang, Rui; Zhao, Chen-Zi; Zhang, Qiang ACS NANO.9(6): 1187-1192, 2015 12.033
42 Dual-sized NiFe layered double hydroxides in situ grown on oxygen-decorated self-dispersal nanocarbon as enhanced water oxidation catalysts Zhu, Xiaolin; Tang, Cheng; Wang, Hao-Fan; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei; Zhu, Xiaolin; Yang, Chaohe JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A.3(48): 84104-84112, 2015 0
43 Dynamic viscoelastic relaxations of nematic solutions of poly(p-phenylene terephthamide) in sulfuric acid after cessation of shearing Han, Weihua; Zhao, Tongyang; Wang, Xiaogon POLYMER.67: 826-834, 2015 3.766
44 Effect of Anisotropic Photo-crosslinking on Liquid Crystal Alignment with Duplicated Surface-relief-gratings Guo Miaocai; He Yaning; Wang Xiaogong; Guo Miaocai CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE.36(4), 2015 0.954
45 Effect of chloralkanes on the phenyltrichlorosilane synthesis by gas phase condensation Liu, Tong; Huang, Yunlong; Wang, Chao; Tang, Qiang; Wang, Jinfu CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.23(1): 93-103, 2015 0.872
46 Effect of glass fiber on the electrical resistivities of polyoxymethylene/maleic anhydride-grafted polyethylene/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites Zhang, Bo-Yuan; Xu, Ling; Guo, Zhao-Xia; Yu, Jian; Nagai, Satoshi JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE.132(14): 82056-82064, 2015 1.64
47 Effect of Non-solvent on the Performance of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coated Polyethylene Separator for Lithium-ion Batteries Dai, Ze-hui; Liu, Hong-yu; Gao, Yang; Xu, Jun; Guo, Bao-hua ACTA POLYMERICA SINICA. (11): 694-701, 2015 0.639
48 Effect of Organic Acid Treatment on Microalgae Lipid Extraction Wang Songmei; Kuan Dingyaw; Du Wei; Zhao Xuebing; Liu Dehua CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE.36(3): 57-67, 2015 0.954
49 Effect of oxide supports on Pd-Ni bimetallic catalysts for 1,3-butadiene hydrogenation Hou, Ruijun; Wang, Tiefeng; Hou, Ruijun; Porosoff, Marc D.; Chen, Jingguang G.; Porosoff, Marc D. APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL.490: 4235-4241, 2015 3.674
50 Effect of Silica/Polyvinyl Alcohol Porous Layers on Performance of Polypropylene Separators for Lithium-ion Batteries Liu, Hong-yu; Xu, Jun; Guo, Bao-hua; Li, Jian-jun; He, Xiang-ming ACTA POLYMERICA SINICA. (11): 356-364, 2015 0.639
51 Effects of NaOH on formation of ZnO nanorods from epsilon-Zn(OH)(2) Wang, Jing; Ma, Pengyang; Xiang, Lan MATERIALS LETTERS.141: 466-474, 2015 2.269
52 Effects of Non-Ionic Surfactant on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulose and Corresponding Mechanism Zhou Yan; Zhao Xuebing; Liu Dehua PROGRESS IN CHEMISTRY.27(11), 2015 0.714
53 Effects of PEG molecular weight on its interaction with albumin Lai, Jing-jing; Yan, Huai-yu; Liu, Yan; Huang, Yanbin CHINESE JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE.33(10): 60-71, 2015 1.42
54 Efficient biodiesel production from phospholipids-containing oil: Synchronous catalysis with phospholipase and lipase Li, Yang; Du, Wei; Liu, Dehua BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL.94: 4516-4522, 2015 2.368
55 Elaborately Designed Hierarchical Heterostructures Consisting of Carbon-Coated TiO2(B) Nanosheets Decorated with Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Remarkable Synergy in High-Rate Lithium Storage Xu, Hao; Liu, Yi-Tao; Xie, Xu-Ming; Zhu, Xiao-Dong; Sun, Ke-Ning ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES.2(15): 765-775, 2015 0
56 Electrical Percolation Model of Ternary Carbon Filler Mixture in Polymer Blends Xiong Zhuoyue; Zhang Boyuan; Wang Weijia; Guo Zhaoxia; Yu Ran CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE.36(8): 4358-4366, 2015 0.954
57 Engineering surface hydrophobicity improves activity of Bacillus thermocatenulatus lipase 2 enzyme Tang, Ting; Zhao, Xuebing; Liu, Dehua; Yuan, Chongli; Hwang, Hyun-Tae; Ramkrishna, Doraiswami; Varma, Arvind BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL.10(11): 1187-1195, 2015 3.708
58 Enhanced Activity of Immobilized or Chemically Modified Enzymes Zhang, Yifei; Ge, Jun; Liu, Zheng ACS CATALYSIS.5(8), 2015 7.572
59 Enhancing 5 V capacitor performance by adding single walled carbon nanotubes into an ionic liquid electrolyte Kong, Chuiyan; Qian, Weizhong; Zheng, Chao; Fei, Wei JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A.3(31): 3002-3011, 2015 0
60 Enzymatic Catalysis in Melted Polymer as Green and Reusable Solvent Wu, Xiaoling; Ge, Jun CATALYSIS LETTERS.145(7): 112-120, 2015 2.291
61 Enzymatic Synthesis of High-Molecular-Weight Poly(butylene succinate) and its Copolymers Ren, Liwei; Wang, Yushen; Ge, Jun; Lu, Diannan; Liu, Zheng MACROMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS.216(6): 57277-57285, 2015 2.451
62 Enzymatic Synthesis of Lutein Dipalmitate in Organic Solvents Wang, Rui; Hou, Miao; Zhang, Yifei; Ge, Jun; Liu, Zheng CATALYSIS LETTERS.145(4), 2015 2.291
63 Epoxy-based azo polymer for photofabricating surface-relief quasi-crystal structures Wei, Renbo; Wang, Xiaogong; Xu, Zeda OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS.5(6): 81-90, 2015 2.844
64 Evaluation of an improved epichlorohydrin synthesis from dichloropropanol using a microchemical system Lu, Yangcheng; Wang, Rui; Zhang, Jisong; Jin, Qianru; Luo, Guangsheng CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.23(7), 2015 0.872
65 Experimental Study on Coal Tar Pyrolysis in Thermal Plasma Cheng, Yan; Yan, Binhang; Li, Tianyang; Cheng, Yi; Li, Xuan; Guo, Cliff Yi PLASMA CHEMISTRY AND PLASMA PROCESSING.35(2): 10125-10128, 2015 2.056
66 Extracellular polymeric substances removal of dual-layer (PES/PVDF) hollow fiber UF membrane comprising multi-walled carbon nanotubes for preventing RO biofouling Liu, Tian-Yin; Liu, Zai-Hao; Lin, Han-Han; Lin, Ya-Kai; Wang, Xiao-Lin; Tong, Yu; Van der Bruggen, Bart SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY.148: 206-214, 2015 3.065
67 Extraction of lanthanides by polysulfone microcapsules containing EHPNA. I. Piercing method Jing Yu; Wang Yue; Hou Hailong; Xu Jianhong; Wang Yundong;Hou Hailong JOURNAL OF RARE EARTHS.33(6): 1252-1254, 2015 1.342
68 Extraction of lanthanides by polysulfone microcapsules containing EHPNA. II. Coaxial microfluidic method Wang Yue; Jing Yu; Hou Hailong; Xu Jianhong; Wang Yundong; Hou Hailong JOURNAL OF RARE EARTHS.33(7): 12034-12041, 2015 1.342
69 Extraction of rubidium by t-BAMBP in cyclohexane Wang, Jiawei; Che, Dehua; Qin, Wei CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.23(7): 30279-30291, 2015 0.872
70 Fabrication of a dual-layer (CA/PVDF) hollow fiber membrane for RO concentrate treatment Liu, Tian-Yin; Li, Chen-Kai; Pang, Bo; Wang, Xiao-Lin; Van der Bruggen, Bart DESALINATION.365: 72-79, 2015 3.96
71 Fabrication of a high-flux thin film composite hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane for wastewater treatment Liu, Tian-Yin; Bian, Li-Xia; Yuan, Hao-Ge; Pang, Bo; Lin, Ya-Kai; Wang, Xiao-Lin; Tong, Yu; Van der Bruggen, Bart JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE.478: 2529-2542, 2015 4.908
72 Fabrication of a thin film nanocomposite hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane for wastewater treatment Liu, Tian-Yin; Liu, Zai-Hao; Wang, Xiao-Lin; Zhang, Rui-Xin; Van der Bruggen, Bart; Wang, Yao JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE.488: 6477-6483, 2015 4.908
73 Fabrication of cellulose acetate ultrafiltration membrane with diphenyl ketone via thermally induced phase separation Pang, Bo; Li, Qian; Zhou, Bo; Liu, Tianyin; Lin, Yakai; Wang, Xiaolin; Tang, Yuanhui JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE.132(41): 4469-4475, 2015 1.64
74 Fabrication of Environmental Responsive Copolymer One-dimensional Nanostructures Using Metallogel Fibers as Template Wen Xing; Tang Liming; Lin Wanxin CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE.36(1): 569-577, 2015 0.954
75 Fabrication of Fluoropolymer Microtubes via RAFT Copolymerization of N,N-Methylene Bisacrylamide Gel Fibers and Fluoromonomer Li, Qi; Wang, Yi; Tang, Liming; Li, Qi CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL.10(6): 352-356, 2015 3.935
76 Facile synthesis of multiple enzyme-containing metal-organic frameworks in a biomolecule-friendly environment Wu, Xiaoling; Ge, Jun; Yang, Cheng; Hou, Miao; Liu, Zheng CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS.51(69): 215-224, 2015 6.718
77 Fast Photoinduced Large Deformation of Colloidal Spheres from a Novel 4-arm Azobenzene Compound Wang, Jilei; Wang, Shihang; Zhou, Yuqi; Wang, Xiaogong; He, Yaning ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES.7(30): 25365-25371, 2015 5.9
78 Fibril aggregates of the poly(glutamic acid)-drug conjugate Lai, Jingjing; Huang, Yanbin RSC ADVANCES.5(60), 2015 3.708
79 Flame retardance property of shape-stabilized phase change materials Wang, Jianping; Wang, Yi; Yang, Rui SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS.140: 1580-1586, 2015 5.03
80 Flexible, Highly Durable, and Thermally Stable SWCNT/Polyimide Transparent Electrodes Kim, Seong-Ku; Wang, Xiaogong; Liu, Tao ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES.7(37): 371-376, 2015 5.9
81 Fluidized-Bed CVD of Unstacked Double-Layer Templated Graphene and Its Application in Supercapacitors Tian, Gui-Li; Zhang, Qiang; Zhao, Meng-Qiang; Wang, Hao-Fan;Chen, Cheng-Meng; Wei, Fei AICHE JOURNAL.61(3): 954-961, 2015 2.581
82 Formation of active inclusion bodies induced by hydrophobic self-assembling peptide GFIL8 Wang, Xu; Zhou, Bihong; Hu, Weike; Zhao, Qing; Lin, Zhanglin MICROBIAL CELL FACTORIES.14: 196-206, 2015 4.221
83 Gas/liquid/liquid three-phase flow patterns and bubble/droplet size laws in a double T-junction microchannel Wang, Kai; Qin, Kang; Lu, Yangcheng; Luo, Guangsheng; Wang, Tao AICHE JOURNAL.61(5): 11-17, 2015 2.581
84 Glass capillaries with TiO2 supported on inner wall as microchannel reactors Shen, C.; Wang, Y. J.; Xu, J. H.; Luo, G. S. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL.277, 2015 4.058
85 Hierarchical assembly of SnO2 nanowires on MnO2 nanosheets: a novel 1/2D hybrid architecture for high-capacity, reversible lithium storage Pan, Long; Xie, Xu-Ming; Liu, Yi-Tao;Zhu, Xiao-Dong;Wang, Ke-Xin JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A.3(12): 18380-18383, 2015 0
86 High crude violacein production from glucose by Escherichia coli engineered with interactive control of tryptophan pathway and violacein biosynthetic pathway Fang, Ming-Yue; Zhang, Chong; Xing, Xin-Hui; Yang, Song; Cui, Jin-Yu; Jiang, Pei-Xia; Lou, Kai; Wachi, Masaaki MICROBIAL CELL FACTORIES.14: 636-640, 2015 4.221
87 High density silanization of nano-silica particles using gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) Qiao, Bing; Wang, Ting-Jie; Gao, Han; Jin, Yong APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE.351: 26465-26474, 2015 2.538
88 High molecular weight effects on steady and transient rheology of lyotropic poly(p-phenylene terephthamide) solution Han, Weihua; Zhao, Tongyang; Wang, Xiaogong POLYMER.80: 126-130, 2015 3.766
89 High rate fabrication of room temperature red photoluminescent SiC nanocrystals Cao, Tengfei; Cheng, Yan; Zhang, Haibao; Yan, Binhang; Cheng, Yi JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C.3(19): 276-286, 2015 0
90 Highly dispersed Mn2O3 microspheres: Facile solvothermal synthesis and their application as Li-ion battery anodes Yu, Jianfei; Zhu, Lin; Fan, Cheng; Hu, Ling; Yang, Shuhui; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei; Zan, Cheng; Zhu, Lin; Zhu, Wancheng; Shi, Lin PARTICUOLOGY.22: 32-37, 2015 1.648
91 Highly dispersible ternary composites with high transparency and ultra low dielectric constants based on hyperbranched polyimide with organosilane termini and cross-linked polyimide with silica Kim, Seongku; Wang, Xiaogong; Ando, Shinji RSC ADVANCES.5(119): 9250-9259, 2015 3.708
92 Highly stretchable and super tough nanocomposite physical hydrogels facilitated by the coupling of intermolecular hydrogen bonds and analogous chemical crosslinking of nanoparticles Shi, Fu-Kuan; Wang, Xi-Ping; Guo, Ruo-Hai; Zhong, Ming; Xie, Xu-Ming JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B.3(7): 198-204, 2015 0
93 Highly transparent triethoxysilane-terminated copolyimide and its SiO2 composite with enhanced thermal stability and reduced thermal expansion Kim, Seong-Ku; Wang, Xingyuan; Wang, Xiaogong;Ando, Shinji EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL.64: 1074-1084, 2015 3.242
94 High-pressure phase behavior of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate and carbon dioxide system Qin, Kang; Wang, Kai; Li, Yang; Kong, Fanhe; Wang, Tao RSC ADVANCES.5(41): 3572-3576, 2015 3.708
95 How ABA block polymers activate cytochrome c in toluene: molecular dynamics simulation and experimental observation Chen, Gong; Kong, Xian; Zhu, Jingying; Lu, Diannan; Liu, Zheng PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS.17(16): 6373-6382, 2015 4.198
96 How to regulate the isothermal growth rate of polymer spherulite without changing its molecular composition? Tang, Yi-Ren; Gao, Yang; Xu, Jun; Guo, Bao-Hua CRYSTENGCOMM.17(34): 300-307, 2015 3.858
97 Hydrated salts/expanded graphite composite with high thermal conductivity as a shape-stabilized phase change material for thermal energy storage Wu, Yuping; Wang, Tao ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT.101, 2015 3.59
98 Hydrodynamic behaviors of an internally circulating fluidized bed with wide-size-distribution particles for preparing polysilicon granules Li, Peilong; Yu, Xinyu; Liu, Fang; Wang, Tiefeng POWDER TECHNOLOGY.281: 4001-4008, 2015 2.269
99 Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO whiskers from epsilon-Zn(OH)(2) in NaOH/Na2SO4 solution Yang, Lining; Wang, Jing; Xiang, Lan PARTICUOLOGY.19: 1762-1769, 2015 1.648
100 Identification of lipopeptide isoforms by MALDI-TOF-MS/MS based on the simultaneous purification of iturin, fengycin, and surfactin by RP-HPLC Yang, Huan; Li, Xu; Li, Xue; Yu, Huimin; Shen, Zhongyao ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY.407(9): 7069-7071, 2015 3.578
101 Improved Resource-Task Network-Based Flare Minimization Model for Ethylene Plant Start-up: Rigorous Treatment of Cracking Furnace and High-Pressure Steam Song, Guang; Qiu, Tong; Chen, Bingzhen INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH.54(24): 71-75, 2015 2.235
102 Increasing para-Xylene Selectivity in Making Aromatics from Methanol with a Surface-Modified Zn/P/ZSM-5 Catalyst Zhang, Jingui; Qian, Weizhong; Kong, Chuiyan; Wei, Fei ACS CATALYSIS.5(5): 1097-1105, 2015 7.572
103 Infectious Behavior of Polypropylene During Photo-oxidation Zhao, Jiao-hong; Li, Yi-feng; Yang, Rui; Yu, Jian ACTA POLYMERICA SINICA. (4): 757-766, 2015 0.639
104 Influence of Acrylonitrile-styrene Copolymer on the Thermal Stability of Polyoxymethylene Resin Liu Jingwei; Guo Zhaoxia; Yu Jian CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE.36(9): 281-286, 2015 0.954
105 Influence of NH4Cl on Hydrothermal Formation of alpha-CaSO4 center dot 0.5H(2)O Whiskers Chen, Haoyuan; Wang, Jing; Hou, Sichao; Xiang, Lan JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS. : 244-251, 2015 1.611
106 Influence of structure on the morphology of CaSO4 center dot nH(2)O (n=0, 0.5, 2): A molecular simulation study Xin, Y.; Yu, Y. -X.; Xiang, L.; Yu, Y. -X. MATERIALS RESEARCH INNOVATIONS.19: 1997-2002, 2015 0.473
107 Innovation with carbon materials -A report on the annual world conference on carbon, Carbon 2015 Qiang Zhang NEW CARBON MATERIALS.30(4): 150-156, 2015 1.308
108 Investigation of Crosslinking in the Thermooxidative Aging of Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Zhao, Jiaohong; Yang, Rui; Iervolino, Rossana; Barbera, Stellario JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE.132(3): 188-194, 2015 1.64
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