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  The Department of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1946. Several readjustments have been done over the past 60 years. At present, it offers four-year undergraduate courses for B. Sc. in two disciplines: chemical engineering and biological engineering, polymer science and engineering. The main research areas are Chemical Engineering (including Reaction Engineering, Separation Technology and Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics), Process System Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Polymer Science and Engineering. In 1998, our Ph. D. program was approved as “Chemical Engineering & Technology and Material Science” by the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. There are about 80 faculty members in the Department of Chemical Engineering, among them are 33 full-time

professors. Professor WANG Jiading and Professor FEI Weiyang are members of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor JIN Yong and Professor Chen Bingzhen are members of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Additionally, we also appoint Professor LI Jilun and Professor OuYang Pingkai as our professors. Professor LI Jilun is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor OuYang Pingkai is a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Over 40 academic staffs hold Ph.D. degrees. Most of them hold post in China or international academia.

Our main target is to foster the students with comprehensive professional esse ntials, establish the learning style of “Vigor, Diligence, Truthfulness and Innovation”. We aim to encourage the innovation spirit and to train independent ability in scientific research. At present a new educational model of combining undergraduate study with graduate study is adopted in the Department. We have over 500 registered undergraduate students and 350 postgraduate students, among them 200 M.Sc. and 150 Ph. D. There is a postdoctoral Research Station with over 30 postdoctors. The Department now also admits graduate students for MEng degree to satisfy the development requirements of national economy and the petrochemical industry. We are going through a period of expansion in our graduate programs, especially in Ph. D. program based on a high-quality undergraduate education as Tsinghua University is targeting to build a world-class university.

The Department of Chemical Engineering insists that scientific research activities must fit the national needs, putting equal emphasis on theoretical research and practical applications. In 1960s, our industrial researches on nuclear fuel post-treatment made outstanding contributions to the development of China 's nuclear industry. Our research activities gradually expand to petrochemical engineering, environmental engineering, biochemical engineering, material engineering and biomedical engineering. We have received more than 10 National Science and Technology Progress awards, over 50 Science and Technology Progress awards at Ministry and Provincial level since 1990. 143 patents were patented. Our research results have been used in industry in many occasions and significant economic benefits have been gained. Over 500 research peer reviewed papers have been published annually for the last 5 years. Since 2000, 100 papers were catalogued in the index of science citation (SCI).

The Department now has four research institutes, namely “ Institute of Chemical Engineering and Processing”, “ Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering”, “ Institute of Biotechnology and Food Engineering” and “ Institute of Applied Chemistry ”. The Department is also a member of Inter-Disciplinary and Research Centers of Tsinghua University, such as “Institute of Life Science and Medicine”, “Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering”, “Institute of Materials Science and Technology” and “Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology”. Research activities of solvent extraction are carried out and administrated in the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering. We have a Joint Research Institute for Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering together with Sinopec, a Research Center for Medical Engineering together with SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration), and also have good cooperation with main enterprises. All of these provide a good environment for the improvement of research level and discipline structure.

The Department has over the years established many co-operative relationships with world's leading universities regarding on academic exchange, staff training and co-operative research programs. The cooperation between the Department and the international famous corp. is progressively. More than 30 foreign experts visit our Department and more than 20 of our staffs go abroad for doing co-operative researches, visiting other institutions, attending international conferences every year. The Department also held many important national and international conferences in recent years, enlarged the Department influence in academia.

Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science is confronted with new opportunities and challenges raised by the domain of Resources, Environment, Health and Information in 21 st century. China is in a frame of sustainable developing strategy. We will encourage our students to seize the unique opportunities and meet the challenges. The Department will continue to emphasize the discipline construction and training, promote high-tech transfer and provide more qualified professionals and technical supports for China 's economic development.